richardgravesCurrently living in Southern California, Richard was born in Uppsala, Sweden while his parents were there on sabbatical from the States. He has been creating digital looks and effects for 8 years. While earning a Math degree from Carnegie Mellon, he was first exposed to digital arts. After school, he found himself working on motion picture special effects. During that time, he became increasingly interested in the multitude of ways numbers and complex mathematical equations can represent patterns and color. This fascination has lasted, and he started creating the work you see here in 2000. In his art, Richard focuses on mathematical malleability, fractal number theory, chaos, and derivatives in colors and patterns.

Richard was first drawn to math as a child because he was good at it. He liked that 1 + 1 = 2. And it always equals 2. No matter what. He liked it for its objectivity, and its consistency. But the more he learned about math, the more he found you could be creative with it as well. The numbers are reliable, but infinitely manipulatable. They will never let your imagination down. The pleasing images he creates prove that math is not black and white. It also demonstrates the infinite nature of numbers, and that numbers are truly a world in and of themselves. Richard’s work is a study of, and a play on that world – a world that existed before we came to be, and will exist long after we are gone.

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