Frequently Asked Questions about Prints

1. What kinds of prints do you sell?

2. What is a piezo ink print?

3. What are the specs for a small and a large ink print?

4. What is a LightJet Print?

5. How large are your LightJet Prints?

6. Do you sign your prints?

7. Why do you sign on the back of the lightjet prints?

8. Do you number your prints?

9. Do you make any other kinds of prints?

10. Are you available for commission work?

Frequently Asked Questions about Fractals

1. What is a fractal?

2. Can anyone make a fractal image?

3. Are all of your images fractals?

4. Are the fractal images more “worthy” than the non-fractal images?

5. Why do you think this is art?

Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing

1. What kind of payments do you take?

2. How does paypal work?

3. Can I trust paypal?

4. Do you charge sales tax?

5. How much do you charge for shipping?

6. How do you ship?

7. How long between order placement and shipping?

8. What is your return policy?

Frequently Asked Miscellaneous Questions

1. How do I become a guest artist on vivalet.com?

2. Can I visit the Vivalet Galleries?

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